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Mayor Edward M. Kuca Jr., Delegate Scott Varner, City Clerk Judy Hunt, Chief Frank Longwell, Senator Jeff Kessler, Delegate Mike Ferro, and Don Mason


North American Galvanizing and Coatings, Inc. began operations in May of 2009 in the former Wheeling Steel pipe mill plant and currently employs 16 people. It is a leading provider of hot-dip galvanizing and coatings for corrosion protection of fabricated steel products used in commercial, construction and industrial markets.


Benwood Mayor Edward M. Kuca, Jr. said he is glad the plant has become a reality, and he's honored that North American Galvanizing chose Benwood for the operation.

The Benwood Plant brings to the industry the most technologically advanced hot-dip galvanizing facility in the United States with full fume capture and scrubbing systems on all processes.
North American Galvanizing Company...

On July 29, 2009 a plant grand opening ceremony was held giving local and state officials the opportunity to tour the facility and be educated on the hot-dip process. Speaker-Ronald J. Evans, President and CEO

Barbeque brought in from Texas for the plant grand opening ceremony. Chef-Phillip Holler

The Company conducts its galvanizing and coating business through a network of plants located in Canton, Ohio, Denver, Hurts (Dallas/Fort Worth), Houston, Kansas City, Louisville, Nashville, St. Louis and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mike Strola-Sales Representative We make steel last longer!


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