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First Communion Saint John's Pictured Above

Benwood's Annual Children's Christmas Party 2012

The City of Benwood hosted its annual Children’s Christmas Party on December 16th for the community at St. James & St. John School gymnasium.

Sissy James has served food at the party since it's beginning, she remembers standing  in line as a seven year old at the city building to take part in the city's wonderful tradition.

City Clerk Judy Hunt and her helpers made face painting a big hit for the children.

Children who were signed up for the party received a gift bag, including a toy and other Christmas goodies.

Santa's littlest helper

The Mayor, City Council members, city employees, businesses and residents help make this a special event for children 12 years old and younger.
It has been over a 50-year tradition, which originated with the Benwood Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary members.

Santa Claus handed out door prizes, which included several bicycles to each age group.



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