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First Communion at Saint John's Pictured Above

Benwood's Annual Children's Christmas Party-2009

vickiscrystalplates.jpg (57981 bytes)

ticketsforkids.jpg (59079 bytes)

Vicki's Crystal Classics engraving children's names on plates

Councilman Yates & wife Rose handing out gift bag tickets to kids

santa_lori_child.jpg (57913 bytes)

facepainting.jpg (37749 bytes)

Councilperson Lori Longwell with Santa and child

Judy Hunt, City Clerk  face painting

santa_girl.jpg (53880 bytes)

wvu_ladies.jpg (58186 bytes)

Santa and child

WVU Student Volunteers
longwell_gift.jpg (66844 bytes)

mayor_gifts.jpg (60308 bytes)

Chief Longwell and child with gift

Mayor Kuca with Children's Christmas Gifts



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