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North Benwood Industrial Park offers a great central location for AES Drilling Fluids, a new $2 million drilling fluids facility.


Representatives with AES Drilling Fluids LLC, based in Houston, Texas, met with city of Benwood and state officials for a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday June 8, 2012 at the newly built facility.


The new facility makes a synthetic oil-based drilling fluid, or "drilling mud," which is used in the natural gas industry's drilling process. The plant is now fully operational and employs about 17 full-time workers.

The facility rents drilling fluid to customers like Chesapeake Energy, who use it during the drilling and fracking process. The fluid is eventually transported back to the plant, where it is "reconditioned" and used again. It aides workers in removing the cuttings from wells.

The AES facility is built on a 180- by 120-foot concrete pad and holds about 20 large tanks that provide nearly 9,000 barrels worth of storage. In addition, the facility has a couple of 3,000-barrel tanks, including several tanks that store calcium chloride water.





 Attending the ceremony were state Senate President Jeff Kessler and Delegate Mike Ferro, both D-Marshall.


AES..."They've done a tremendous job on locating here. ... They made the property look very presentable," said Longwell. "It will be more revenue for the city, more jobs for the Ohio Valley and, hopefully, this will have more spinoff."



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